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Over the past week, Viengthong Pharmaceutical Company, Saysaath Pharmaceutical Company (DBA Saysaath Pharmacy), and D & K Pharmaceutical Company, 3 Companies in which have been publicly-trusted companies in providing quality medicines, medical supplies, and services in the field of public health for over 30 years.

Have joined together to support the nation in battling the COVID-19 pandemic. As our three companies cannot help but wonder what can our support be to help the government, the doctors, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Public Security in combating this deadly virus. We have come together to donate medical supplies, basic needs supplies, and food supplies in the total value of 579,200,000 LAK

Distributed to:
1. Department of Defense, Ministry of Defense 235,000,000 LAK
2. Department of Defense, Ministry of Public Security 232,000,000 LAK
3. Vientiane Health Department to Distribute to 9 district hospitals 51,000,000 LAK
4. Department of Health, Ministry of Health to distribute to central hospital and Medical Center 43,000,000 LAK
5. Center for Disease Control COVID-19 Unit in Luang Prabang 18,200,000 LAK

The management team and staff of the 3 companies hope that this contribution will support to the Lao government, the doctors and to all Lao families affected by this to crisis to help us battle trough.

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